Patient Testimonials

"Doctor Weiss has never disappointed me.  No matter what the problem, I know that the advice and care I receive from him and his staff will be the best.  I will always trust my bones to Dr. Andrew Weiss!  He's also tremendously nice and personable--very un-surgeon-like.  Hard to find in one package."  -Karen N.      

"Dr. Weiss and his staff are just WONDERFUL.  I'd had pain in my right arm and a right bicep that was involuntarily spasming.  After two years of physical therapy, my therapist recommended that I get this thing checked out.  An office visit later -- and Dr. Weiss, by the way listened to me patiently and thoroughly explained my rotator cuff and bicep repair.  Busy as he is because he's just that good, I was on his surgical schedule in no time!  His staff are kind (they even give hugs) and knowledgeable.  But more than that, the surgery was relatively painless and well done.  Without hesitation, I recommend Dr. Weiss.  He really helped me in a BIG way and I am a very grateful patient!!!"  -Peggy L. 

"I went to Dr. Weiss for removal of a ganglion cyst on my right knee.  The outpatient surgery was quick and stunningly easy.  I'd never had surgery before, and I was actually walking later that same day.  My knee is now back to functioning as good as new and the cyst is gone.  Dr. Weiss did a terrific job, with both the surgery, and putting my mind at ease about the whole thing start to finish."  -John K.

"Dr. Weiss seems to enjoy his work, to make decisions and recommendations with care, all while comforting the concerns of his patients.  Judging from the great success of the operation, I also suspect that his surgical technique is excellent.  Throughout the process, Dr. Weiss monitored my progress and always took the time to answer my questions.  I highly recommend him.  -Marc B.

"Dr. Weiss is one of the most committed doctors I have ever met.  Within minutes of meeting me he made me feel as though he would do anything in his power to take care of me.  Which at that time meant operating on my broken arm that night at 2 in the morning.  His staff is excellent and always make you feel welcome.  I will always recommend him and even though I hope that I don't need his services anytime soon, if I do, I'll be at his doorstep."  -Tanya G.

"Dear Dr. Weiss, I would like to thank you for treating me on such short notice for my fractured foot.  I am so impressed with Cynthia and the rest of your staff.  They were all so professional, helpful and responsive."  -Shelley L.


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